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What to Consider When Selecting a VoIP Phone Provider

VoIP offers the best solutions for small businesses by enabling them to make long and short distance calls using broadband internet connection. Here are some tips to guide you when selecting VoIP phone providers.

The first step is to ensure that your internet connection is capable of handling VoIP. Find out if it has the right speed that to run your entire video and voice communications over the IP. You can determine this by doing a comprehensive speed test to measure if your internet connection is fast enough such that it will support VoIP.

Ask around for recommendations to identify great vendors for their VoIP services. If you know businesses that have this system already, you can ask them to refer you to their service providers as they may be suitable for your business needs. Another method is to conduct an online search in order to identify trusted VoIP vendors for your needs.

Finding a VoIP phone provider that is reliable will positively impact the success of your business. The VoIP system is bound to fail causing unscheduled downtime, therefore, make sure that they will be available at such times to get things back on track. You want to be certain that they have disaster recovery methods in place in case an unexpected situation occurs during working days. Besides, it is advisable to work with a service provider that has a service level agreement (SLA) which outlines the quality of their service uptime and fall back options.

Pay attention to the additional features offered by the vendor to help you determine if they are the right service providers for your business. You can opt for providers that offer features such as 3-way calling, call waiting options, caller ID, conference calling and voice mail. Determine which features are important to you and which ones you want to cancel in order to save on cost.

Make sure the VoIP provider you are considering offers quality services. The best companies will use VoIP technology to ensure better call sounds so that you can converse without any problems. In most cases, the quality of voice can depend with the bandwidth capacity and speed of your internet as well as on the kind of codec used by the vendor. They should therefore access your network and provide you with suggestions on how to get good quality audio.

Compare the packages of different VoIP providers and choose the one that fits your budget. A reputable vendor will be upfront about any hidden or extra charges so that you don’t end up paying for a service that you will not use. However you should make sure that you do not compromise quality over price when making your decision. The other thing that should be considered is the level of customer support provided.

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