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The Best thing About Cigar Bar And Lounges

If you are not familiar with cigar bar and lounge, well it is just a place catering individuals who would like to spend time with their friends of the same minds.People who go to the place know that there are a lot of cigars offer out there.Irrespective of the cigar bar and lounge you go, more or less, the rules are the same.For the most part, etiquette are very important.

Types of Bars
Generally, there are 4 types of cigar bar and lounges.

Member Only Lounges

This is the type of cigar bar and lounge that allows only registered members.In order to have a good access, some lounge ask you or a nominal fee.Even if the lounge is designed for the members, non members can still go in the place but they have to follow the rules and pay attention as such so as not to offend the non members.

Public cigar and lounge

The purpose of this kind of cigar bar and lounge is to enjoy the cigar and chat with friends, but the restrictions are too few.This type of lounge is open to the public in general, but will have a share of regulars who see themselves as the members of the lounge.Until people see you as a regular member, you should act like a guests and this is a reality.

Cigar Bar and Lounge At Hotels

This is a very common type of bar and lounge.First of all, it is a tobacconist wherein their major role is to sell cigars and pipe tobacco.These hotels accommodate clients who loves to smoke.They may offer membership to view you as regulars, but mostly they are free to all who avail their hotel facilities.

Stores with bars and lounges

This kind of bar and lounge is not designed exclusively as a cigar bar and lounge, but is typically instead of a bar, restaurant, or a nightclub, that has a designated as a smoking section for the cigars, or all forms of tobacco including the cigarettes.

Two Types of People

Registered Members

These are the people who pay fees in order to be a private member of the club and its corresponding lounge.They’re very protective of the bar and lounge and consists of a process to open up to a newcomer unless you are also a good friend of a well respected member.

Regular People

These are the kind of people who love to visit as a member.

Typical guests

These are the people who are not fond of cigarette or tobacco smoking but has visited the lounge due to some reasons.While they are valued as a client, they cannot access to some premium facility.

Selecting a Cigar Lounge

For people who are constantly traveling, these are tough for them.Before you go there, you should communicate with the cigar bar staffs.

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